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Dear Readers and Contributors,

First of all, let us wish you a happy, healthy, productive, and thriving Year 2015 !

Welcome at the blog African Contexts which aims at promoting a sound and constructive public debate on Africa & Intelligence.

Why? Socio-economic development in Africa requires a conducive entrepreneurship ecosystem. In such virtuous environment, an economic operator, a financial investor or a non-profit organization can consciously and freely consider an opportunity or develop a project, and mitigate the associated risks along an informed and responsible decision making process based on contextualized analysis, itself fueled by reliable information.

This is the only justification, and the ultimate goal, of the Intelligence process.
Nevertheless, Africa suffers from a heavy and detrimental information deficit.

How to fill the gap? As a rule, all declared information are partially wrong, incomplete, and over dated.
This is why open source data, public records and official reports are to be corroborated by, and complemented with, independent, first-hand information collected at source by high performance and ethical intelligence gathering techniques.

You can actively and publicly contribute to this platform for cross fertilization of ideas and experience in two ways :
- Comments, hot and brief, on editorials and articles (limited to 700 characters); and / or
- Articles, structured, signed (name and organization), well-argued, and constructive.

As a rule, topics should refer to Intelligence process and, or, to Africa related matters where Intelligence process can play a beneficial role.

All submitted contributions, in English or in French, will be examined with scrutiny and great consideration, for possible publication.
The blog is moderated by ARIS, a private, young, fast growing and innovative Business Intelligence company permanently deployed and operational in Africa.

We highly hope and strongly believe that sharing lessons taken from experience, ideas and views will contribute to public education on, and common understanding of,
the crucial importance of valuable information as raw material in a sustainable socio-political development in Africa.

Looking forward to your visits and contributions,

Yours faithfully

Jean-Michel Lavoizard


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