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An Africa in suspense–awaiting declaration of acts, from opportunities to reality

The statement of the areas that make the news in an African environments till largely virgin, is staggering and has an enormous potential. If with a historical perspective, one can argue that the world is still in a transition phase, it nevertheless appears that at the time of the Jubilee celebrations of Independence, African countries are now at a point where they can move forwards to a future they build in practice.

Stationary equilibrium does not exist, and time flows inexorably, imposing a movement that we submit to, and we select and print.

As stated by a leading Western businessman, in life there are those who see things as they are asking why, and those who thinking what they should be and asking why not. To do this, you should engage a pragmatic and practical process and make achievements at the three relevant levels that are country,region and continent, for which Africa has defined and built, literally and figuratively. Uninhibited and without restrictions, inspired receipts that have been proven in a now globalized world because the whole world is at the gateway to Africa and that Africa is open to the rest of the world, while tapping into African standards to maintain a common identity.

Finally, the author of these lines suggests you seriously consider the urgent need for reliable, timely and contextualized information for the evaluation and implementation of these development paths so that they are not based on an incomplete picture and misinterpretation of reality. If there is much talk of communication infrastructure,to properly assess opportunities and associated risks, and if we cannot defend their interests with reliable information? Much remains to be done to fill the gaps in education and training for careers in information, as well as their operation and their use by decision makers.

For a concrete and eloquent illustration, a study by a European firm, entitled "The New York Forum - Modern Africa in numbers", which provides numerical and analytical elements in support of the New York Africa Forum? We measure the importance of the In conclusion, it seems that the point of no return in the emergence of the African continent is reached. As stated in the Forum by an eminent American professor of macroeconomics: it is now less risky to invest in Africa ... than to not invest. And this process coincides with an economic and moral crisis on the international scale, a sign of a changing world in which Africa has the opportunity to play a major role along with other Asian and South American powers. Let us hope that Africans seize their chance and give themselves the means.


General Manager
ARIS-Advanced Research & Intelligence Services

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